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Episode 145: It’s Getting Chile

It’s slow… the Orioles offseason is off to an expectedly slow start. What better time to be mean to otherwise decent Nationals fans, and go Around the Bases?

Episode 144: Reginald the Cactus

The Orioles are off to a quiet start to the offseason. In Episode 144, we go Around the Bases, and consider some Choose Your Own Adventure options.

Episode 143: Freudian Slip

It’s the playoffs for some, but the offseason for most. Here in Baltimore, we’re in Playoffs Purgatory. Settle in for Deep Questions and O’s Therapy Corner.

The Thome Conundrum

View image |   The discussion of the offseason for...

The MLB Playoffs Are Fun Again

The MLB Playoffs used to be painful to watch in Birdland. The Orioles reemergence to relevance has changed all that – even when they don’t make it.

Episode 142: Peas and Carrots

The BEV guys close out the season with a look back (dishing out a few superlatives) and a look ahead. Thanks to followers, listeners, and readers! Go O’s!