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The MLB Playoffs Are Fun Again

The MLB Playoffs used to be painful to watch in Birdland. The Orioles reemergence to relevance has changed all that – even when they don’t make it.

Episode 142: Peas and Carrots

The BEV guys close out the season with a look back (dishing out a few superlatives) and a look ahead. Thanks to followers, listeners, and readers! Go O’s!

There Is No Tomorrow

The Orioles take their final bow of 2015 in today’s game against the New York Yankees. For the O’s-crazy among us, there is no tomorrow.

Episode 141: Front Office Thunderdome

We talk Dan Duquette, the end of the season, and falling into Stockholm Syndrome. Alex Conway of Camden Chat drops by to discuss Brady Anderson.

ICYMI: Orioles Baseball Is Still Interesting

Don’t blink: the Orioles season is still very interesting. If Chris Davis and Manny Machado have anything to say about it, it will be must see TV.

Episode 140: Express Written Consent

As the Orioles play out their schedule, be sure to get a good last look at Chris Davis. Also, MLBAM is at it again. Why won’t they let us love baseball?!