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Episode 106: Let’s Play Two

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Rob Manfred takes over as commissioner, and the Orioles are still taking the offseason.

Remembering 2014 Orioles Fan Fest

Looking back at the 2014 Orioles Fan Fest, the Orioles face many of the same questions. The Dan Duquette approach is the same – minus the Toronto rumors.

2015 Orioles Motivational Posters, Part 1

The 2015 Orioles season has little going for it this far,and the team may need some motivation. To help, we submit these Orioles Motivational Posters.

Episode 105: The Whole Dan Shooting Match

After another quiet week, BEV asks someone from Toronto about the Dan Duquette situation, and talk to Jeremy Conn about the Orioles new flagship station.

Hold Your Breath: Manny Machado Runs

Manny Machado made his much anticipated appearance at Orioles Minicamp, which included some running. Should Machado’s knees remain a health concern?

Orioles Minicamp Storylines

As a quiet offseason continues, there are a few storylines bound to emerge from Orioles minicamp in Sarasota.

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