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Episode 118: Baltimore Strong

This week’s episode focuses on the Orioles’ series with the Boston Red Sox, and a trip to Fenway. Also of note, the Medical Wing is beginning to fill up.

Biding My Time: Orioles Plate Discipline in 2015

For the past several years, the Baltimore Orioles have demonstrated and...

Is the Yankees Mystique Over?

The Yankees are no longer the powerhouse they once were – is the mystique of beating the Yankees over?

Unpopular Opinion: Leave ‘Harrumph Guy’ Alone

Breaking News: Sports fan expressed a ridiculous opinion. Yup. That’s...

Episode 117: Here We Go Again

With Opening Day behind us, Orioles Baseball is back! . Episode 117 sees the return of Fantasy Boss and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Hold the Phone

Buck Showalter had to think outside the box this week in St. Petersburg, when the Tropicana Field bullpen phones went down.