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Reflections from the Trade Deadline

In many ways, the MLB Trade Deadline was easier when the Orioles were terrible. We take a look back at the departures of Tommy Hunter and Bud Norris.

No Moral Victories in Baseball, But…

The Orioles lost a close one, but let’s be honest, this game had no business being that close. We don’t have to excuse losing around here anymore, but as losses go, I can handle this one.

Things the Orioles are NOT Willing to Talk About

A rumor made the rounds last week (I refuse to call a Tweet “a...

Episode 132: Many Happy Returns

Where do the Orioles go from here, and what should they have done in the offseason with Nick Markakis? These questions, and more are not answered on BEV!

Episode 131: The Foundations

The Orioles storm back into the second half with a series win over the Tigers. So we talk about rosters and MLB expansion. That’s Bird’s Eye View.

Can Bud Norris Be Successful in the Bullpen?

Last year, Ubaldo Jimenez was transitioned to the bullpen due to poor...