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Orioles Fans: Chill Out About Quiet Winter Meetings

Take a deep breath. The Orioles are finally on the right side of the "put up or shut up" discussion. ...

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Extra Innings: The Nick Markakis Watch

Nick Markakis is now a former Oriole. Now what?

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Nelson Cruz Signs Eslewhere, Orioles Fans Explode

Steer clear of social media: Nelson Cruz has signs with Mariners.

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Episode 102: Summer Moose

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Leading Off First, we want to apologize to Canada. The last thing we want is an international incident. Baseball’s Winter Meetings usually lead to a flurry of activity, but that flurry rarely includes the Orioles. A polite...

Orioles Off Season Rumors: Who Knows?

The Orioles are close to re-signing Nick Markakis. Unless… they aren’t. We’ve heard both. Baseball’s silly season is upon us, and there is no shortage of Orioles off season rumors. During the off season, we’re so desperate for any kind of...
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