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Episode 101: Waiting on the Hot Stove

Brrrr.... the Orioles need to crank up the hot stove.

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The Orioles Should Keep Ubaldo Jimenez For 2015 And Beyond

Can Ubaldo Jimenez be of any value to the Orioles in 2015? We're optimistic and we've got "only" a ...

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So What? Orioles Re-Sign Oliver Drake

Orioles re-sign Oliver Drake. So what?

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Episode 100: Live from Dempsey's

Finally: Episode 100(ish)

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Orioles Off Season Rumors: Who Knows?

The Orioles are close to re-signing Nick Markakis. Unless… they aren’t. We’ve heard both. Baseball’s silly season is upon us, and there is no shortage of Orioles off season rumors. During the off season, we’re so desperate for any kind of...
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