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Episode 217: Temper Fantrum
September 11, 2017
From the Pressbox: Orioles Suffer Second Consecutive Extra Innings Loss
September 19, 2017

All My Friends Are Sad

The Orioles provide me with free time, bad things happen. My family is forced to spend “quality” time with me. I become surprisingly productive at work. I go outside, and you know… get Vitamin D, or whatever. I know. Horrible, right?

The Orioles handing me free time also results in some of my most unfortunate creative pursuits. Like ruining songs. Or ruining poetry. Or over-planning the next year’s BEVys. Or pitching ideas that Scott mercifully shoots down because they are too terrible, even by our standards. So with that being said, I offer you the following, thanks to the Orioles threatening to give me more free time:

Now I’m ruining literature. I hope you’re all familiar with the All My Friends Are Dead series of books. If not, go check it out. My version is Orioles-centric, so all of my friends are sad.










Well, I’m no Tolstoy, but it’s a start. I’m open to suggestions. Why are all of your friends sad?


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