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Orioles 2013 Roster Comes into Focus
March 27, 2013
Around the Diamond – O’s 7, Rays 4
April 2, 2013

Episode 29: Here We Go!

Welcome to the new Bird’s Eye View!

Bird’s Eye View returns for our last pre-season podcast, on our brand-new home. Come on in and look around – go ahead and put your feet up on the table. This new site is here for your enjoyment. Let us know what you think of the look and feel! Also, take a minute to click on our social media buttons (on the right). You can find us on the web:

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Thanks for listening, we’re very excited about our new look for 2013, and for the O’s season! And with that, here are the show notes…

Spring Training Wrap-up

A review of Orioles roster as of Opening Day (4:15). Jake gloats over calling a near-perfect 25-man roster (a prediction you can find here). How does T.J. MacFarland stay on this team?

A Spring Training Brian Roberts Watch summary (9:15), and how this segment will continue during the season. We take a walk through the Medical Wing – who is on the DL and for how long (13:15)? What does this mean for the fringe guys on the roster? How soon will Buck and Dan start their roster shuffling?

Excitement Over Opening Day

Jake and Scott break down the magic of Opening Day (24:00). Opening Day is no longer the only bright spot in an Orioles season. New downtown attractions await in 2013. What happens if it rains – the O’s don’t know, either.

2013 Predictions

We were terrible with our 2012 predictions. Jake was sure the O’s would lose 100 games, Scott refuses to believe his didn’t come true. The guys forecast standings and awards for both leagues (37:35), and lay down three bold Orioles-related predictions each (58:40). Don’t worry, we’ll keep score, and remind ourselves how poor our predictions were by the All-Star break.

Schadenfreude of the Week

The New York Yankees have the best fans in baseball, don’t they? Both of them.

Yankees Fans Are Terrible

Yankees fans don’t bother to watch Opening Day 2013 against rival Red Sox.

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