Episode 31: Bubblegate & Beyond

Leading Off

We start by taking a moment to recognize the events that took place today – the terrible events that took place at the Boston Marathon. Say what you will about Boston, for its sports (and Lord knows we have), but this transcends rivalries. Jake and Scott make a plea for thoughts, prayers, and support (1:10).

Moving on to actual O’s content, the guys review The Brian Roberts Watch (4:45). and the Medical Wing (5:25).


Stupid Arguments

Baltimore sports fans are capable of tremendous stupidity (6:00). This week, people actually debated whether Adam Jones dropped that ball because he was chewing bubble gum. Really? Are we doing this? Really (6:45)?

The other stupid argument from this week was which backup second baseman is worse (11:30)? Alexi Casilla and Ryan Flaherty are doing their best to make an argument for who is the best/worse option to replace the injured Brian Roberts.


Bullpen Gets Its Swagger Back

The bullpen has gotten back to its 2012 form (21:00). After the first week of games, we all wondered if the bullpen could get back to the level that made them so scary last year. The Birds’ bullpen has responded by making opposing hitters’ life miserable. The guys go through the ‘pen, from Johnson (24:30) to the forgotten man – Patton (34:45).



Here are the items that didn’t fit into any other categories:

Connor Jackson retires (38:00)

Wait, WHAT? Jackson was the last ML cut, and he was bound to make the roster at some point this season. Connor Jackson’s retirement comes as a great surprise. He said that he simply lost the love of the game… Buck Showalter indicated that there might be more to the story, but we’ll have to wait until Jackson is willing to comment himself.E

Earl Weaver celebration (39:45)

The celebration for Earl Weaver has been moved from 2:00pm top 6:00pm. This accommodates ticket holders from the 7:00 ballgame who want to take part in the celebration. Unfortunately, it also shuts some fans out from a celebration of a great Baltimore sports figure.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The guys go through the players they want to praise and call out from the week’s games. Who makes the list, and who gets a free pass (45:30)?


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Author: Jake English

Jake has what might best be described as an Orioles “problem.” No matter how poorly the team treated him during the long losing streak, he just kept coming back for more. As the show’s optimist, he constantly looks for the silver lining in any terrible outcome. Whereas he acknowledges the value of advanced metrics, he thinks the pendulum has swung completely too far, and likes to balance statistical analysis with what he can see with his own two eyes. Be warned: there is no length to which he won’t go for a pun. Such men can be dangerous. Away from the podcast, Jake lives in Harford County with his beautiful (not to mention, tolerant) wife and two amazing kids. Some day, he’d like to build a boat. He loves reading, the Beatles, and he excels at pretending he’s not a grown up.

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