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Twitter Contest: “I’m Sorry, Wilson!”
May 2, 2013
BEV on Baltimorons
May 9, 2013

Leading Off

Fresh off a 11-game road trip, and a brutal 20-game stretch without a break, the Orioles and their weary fans can take breather with an off day, and a brief homestand.

Here on the podcast, we start (as always) with The Brian Roberts Watch (1:40) followed by a trip to the Medical Wing (2:30). A Chris Davis scare and Miguel Gonzalez’s blister are the only real updates.



We take a time-out to tell you about a great Orioles podcast called Baltimorons. Jake and Scott made an appearance on the Baltimorons podcast which will be posted on Wednesday. We encourage you to go check out Sam and Alan’s fine work – their unique perspective as O’s fans “in abstentia” is can’t-miss stuff. These guys “get” being Orioles fans, and make talking about the Birds fun (8:25).

Thanks, again, Baltimorons! Look for Sam and Alan on Bird’s Eye View next week!


The Wild, Wild West

Scott does his best DJ Jazzy Jeff (11:28), as we review the Orioles’ West Coast trip. The Birds are winning games against the teams that helped decide the fate of the AL East in 2012 (15:10). Wins are good, mkay? The run differential is up from last year, too, so there’s that…

Despite how it felt at the time, this was a pretty good road trip (16:25). The games they lost were devastating, but the overall performance was exactly what you need for a extended road trip. Freddy Garcia gave us hope that the 5th starter carousel may be slowing down (19:48).

Where do the Orioles stack up against the rest of the AL (21:55)? This trip goes a long way to setting them up to stand with the postseason contenders. Hopefully the Birds can get fat on the Blue Jays the way the AL West will beat up on Houston.



Our potpourri segment returns, with a look at items that don’t necessarily belong together, but that don’t belong anywhere else. We run down:

  • Whether Roberto Alomar is a legit Orioles HOF (28:42)
  • Jake Arrieta’s essential media rage (32:45)
  • The Next Knuckler: Zach Clark (36:37)
  • Chase Utley? (40:00)


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The guys run down their list of the Birds who had the best, the worst, and the most unbearable weeks(43:49).


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