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Around the Diamond – Red Sox 3, O’s 1
April 8, 2013
Around the Diamond – O’s 3, Red Sox 2
April 11, 2013

Leading Off

The 2013 season is finally here! It’s nice to be able to talk about real baseball. It’s a sad day for The Brian Roberts Watch (01:33), and the guys take a run through the Medical Wing (04:03), and the rosterĀ in general. The O’s pulled a trade today, sending Luis Ayala to the Braves for a minor league arm (05:21).


Opening Day

Opening Day at Camden Yards has that extra dose of Orioles Magic (09:58). How did 2012 compare to previous years? The ceremonial first pitch was pretty weak (14:10). The Ravens’ refusal to participate in Opening Day was pretty bush league (15:08). Buck has a ton of respect for Earl Weaver (15:06).


Get a Grip on Reality!

It’s only been 7 games. Some fans are ready to jump off a cliff (19:02), others are in full apology mode – others are sure the Birds will still win 100 games. Are any of them right? What kind of assessments can you actually make this early in the season? Jake and Scott lay out the case for both sides, and try to bring some reason to the discussion (21:43).


Pitching Woes and Lineup Ups/Down

This team needs more innings from its starters. A quick look at the first run through the rotation (or so) and how each starter looked(21:00). The bullpen has had its moments, too, but the early going has shown us that they can’t be as good as the all-world 2012 bullpen. Manny Macahdo and other lineup considerations (31:00).


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is back for the first time in 2013(38:20)! Jake and Scott reveal the players that made their list in the first 7 games.


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