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O’s Win Series vs. Blue Jays (2-1)
April 26, 2013
AtD – O’s Drop Series to Mariners
May 2, 2013

Leading Off

The show is a little heavier at the top than normal. We actually have something to talk about in The Brian Roberts Watch (1:45), and the Medical Wing fills up a bit more (3:00).

The guys express their great “affection” for West Coast baseball (7:35), and ask themselves “when do we start caring about the standings (9:55) ?”


The Audacity of Strop

Apparently, the show has changed formats to where the guys pick a pitcher to beat like a pinata (12:30). This week’s topic is Pedro Strop: deadly weapon for the Dominican Republic, just deadly for the Orioles. The Surgeon General warns not to play the Kevin Gregg Drinking Game while listening to this segment.

Jake and Scott flip their usual apologist/cynic roles on this one – you have no idea how difficult it was to avoid a “roleplay reference here.” We include a tip of the hat to Roch Kubatko over at MASNsports.com for his insightful rant that said everything we’ve been thinking (21:20).


Roster Moves

It’s been an interesting week on the roster front (24:50). Here’s a rundown of the faces we’ve seen moving in, moving out…

  • Alex Burnett
  • Josh Stinson
  • Zach Britton
  • Luis Exposito
  • Chris Snyder (we cheated, he won’t appear until Tuesday)

What about Freddy Garcia and Jair Jurjens (31″56)? These guys are piching lights-out in AAA, and can opt out of their contracts soon. The Orioles risk getting nothing for them (other than the satisfaction of knowing they facilitated an audition for the rest of the league) if they don’t pull the trigger and make a roster move.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The guys run down their list of the Birds who had the best, the worst, and the most unbearable weeks(38:05).


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